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Tires & Tire Services

Without tires and wheels on your vehicle, you aren’t going to get very far or go very fast! We all know that tires are essential to driving, but just because your car has tires it does not mean you are ready to hit the highway. Many aspects will affect the safety and performance of your tires. Good tires, especially in Pennsylvania, are vital to your car’s performance and to your safety. As a Pennsylvania resident, you are well aware of the elements we encounter throughout the year, including rain and big snow storms. Your car will slip and slide all over the road if you’re driving on bald or worn tires, and it’s imperative that you replace them when they no longer perform how they should. Certain tires are made for certain weather conditions, and the experts at Lin Bethman Auto can help you make the best decision not only for your performance and safety, but also for your pocket book. Our service technicians will install the tires, and will rotate them for you when the time comes. We want your car to ride smoothly and we want you to be safe. Allow Lin Bethman Auto to inspect your tires/tread and let you know if you’re in need of new tires.

Lin Bethman Auto offers the best tires in the industry, including Cooper Tires, Kumho Tires, Goodyear, BF Goodrich, Bridgestone, Firestone, Michelin, Toyo, and Yokohoma.

Most of our tires carry a free road hazard warranty at no additional cost. Don't forget to inquire about the availability on this warranty!

Computerized Tire Alignment

Lin Bethman Auto has been repairing front and rear-end tire alignments on all types of vehicles and trailers for over 20 years. If your vehicle is pulling to one side of the road when you let go of the steering wheel, then there is a good chance that you need your alignment fixed. Our technicians are fully certified to repair any vehicle that is out of alignment by preforming the following check list below.

Standard Tire Alignment Check

  • Perform Alignment Inspection
  • Adjust camber, caster, and toe angles, if adjustable to manufacturer specifications
  • Print out final tire alignment readings to verify alignment is within specifications
  • Road Test Vehicle
  • Wheel Balancing

If your car vibrates when you hit higher speeds (i.e. when you get on the highway) your tires may need to be balanced. Our ASE Certified technicians will inspect your vehicle’s wheel assembly and re-balance the tires accordingly to give you a smoother driving experience. We suggest you have your tires balanced each time you have your tires rotated.

If you take care of your tires and wheels through proper maintenance, they will take care of you by lasting longer and keeping you and your family safe on the road.

Flats Repaired

Most flats are easily repaired. Usually, a nail has punctured the tire through the tread area on a tire. Lin Bethman Auto can quickly and efficiently apply a plug or a patch to an affected tire and get you back on the road.

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